Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a gift!

Ok, maybe most of you already have one, but I didn't and I am in love with it. And yes, I got it for Christmas and I am soooo late with this news... come on is the end of January... am I late or what?

Well here is a picture of my beauty...

Here is another picture...

Yeah, it's a Kitchen Aid Artisan 5-qt

Isn't it beautiful, jajaja. Some people splurge in big things, expensive things and sometimes in meaningful things... but for me this is a great gift. Not only because it was in my "wanted" list for a while now, but it is a gift I can put to good use for a very long time.

In my early days of baking I used to mix with a whisk or wooden spoon, then upgraded to an electric hand mixer, but this is another league. It makes me feel like if I was cheating to my beloved hand mixer.

The Artisan makes baking feel like a smooth ride in the park. I recommend it to all of you out there that have been wanted to invest in a stand mixer and have no idea where to go to... this is a very good option and it comes in several colors... hey it's a great machine and you can find one in you favorite color too, you can't beat that!

I wanted mines in red, because it's a great color to make someone feel alive. Go for it and choose your color!

Here is a link to JcPenny, where my stand mixer was purchased at: JcPenny Artisan Stand Mixer