Monday, January 12, 2009

How Everything Started

While growing up I remember my moms baking. She would do cakes and cupcakes, but I also remember my dads confections. He loved to bake corn bread and also made other sweets like coconut candy (with different techniques to make it more interesting every time).

But, during some time, they baked less often and it wasn't until I had my girls that I went back to the recipes and made some of my own.

Fantasy Cupcakes was born with an event I was asked to participate in, made truffles, cookies and other sweets to sponsor a group of girls in our local church, they are called the "Princesitas del Rey"; which means ("Gods Princesses"). It's a group of little girls that receive a christian education.

This are some of the cookies I made for that event:

That's when I was challenged to make some of my creations for others to see and taste. Have to admit I got very excited. Normally only the family and friends are the ones to taste peoples food, this time I was taking a new step that could change my life, and it did, it still does. I am more inspired, more creative, and love it all the way.

While searching for a name to be known by I found flickr and got so inspired by all the artists and professionals. After seeing all that great work I noticed how much could be done with cupcakes, cakes, cookies and other pastries... I was so fascinated and hungry to learn more that I went right ahead and took some decorating classes. Still have lots to learn, and that's why I am here to learn and share with all of you out there. That the sky is the limit.

It doesn't end there, because a while after all these events I saw Martha Stewart in her week of cupcakes and was happy to know Bakerella, she is truly a teacher. It was great for me to see that some people are inspired to teach others and she also has a blog of her own.

(Some of my creations inspired by Bakerella)

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