Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Personal Note

Hi! Blogger Friends:
This is a very personal note that I feel like sharing with you all. I have been absent for a while from my blog and from flicker too.
Ever since January I have been dialoging with my doctors at MD Anderson in Orlando, Fl. As some of you may know in 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer, it was all under control, until the begging of this year when another "tumor" appeared. At the moment we discussing the options, and surgery seems like the way to go. Quimo might or might not be involved, we can't say at the moment.
Now, I am letting you all know, because I am asking that for those of you outhere that want to join me and my family in prayer, you are all welcome to do so.
Plus, I am not going to take a break from baking, well not until I just have to be in the hospital or in total rest!
My next yummy dessert will be a Sticky Bun so stay tune and see how it turns out. Keep on sharing your thoughts with me and lets all enjoy great moments baking and sharing with friends!