Thursday, March 25, 2010

Carnation Flower Cake

Like most of you know I haven't taken any formal pastry classes, but I do love to bake. I believe that the key to delivering beautiful cakes is passion for what you do, and lots of practice. When I want to try something new I use the internet, my favorite search method is goggle. This flower I made out a cookie cutter I had in-hand and my idea was to make a carnation. It might not look much like professional flower (well is not, at least not yet), but I really like the way it turned out.

What's a great way to start Spring Time? Making sugar flowers (this one made out of fondant with yellow food coloring). Plus I brushed it with some canary yellow luster dust and spice pumpkin luster dust for the borders, all edible.

One of the things I enjoy the most after baking and discovering my creativity level is meeting new people. A friend of mine that has tasted my cakes introduced me to this nice couple that I got quickly very fond of (plus I need to mention that the lady and I share the same first name), like her even more! Just kidding.... not really, I do like her.

This nice lady is celebrating her birthday today (March, 25) and she wanted a special cake. Simply, chic, pretty to the eye and delicious of taste and I think I nailed it! Take a look and judge for yourself.

The cake is what we call a "Puerto Rican Cake", is a moist cake with a nice rum and almond flavor. It's a sponge cake with simple syrup topped with Vanilla Buttercream. I use Madagascar Vanilla, because I consider it's flavor high quality and my friends and family deserves only the best quality cakes.

A little closer!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

February's Review

Now lets see, February is a very special month for me. Not only is the shortest month of the year, but it represents all love and hearts. Most people go all the way out during this month just to let that special someone know how much they are loved. Cute ha!

In this post I want to review this heart warming month with things I have baked and special events.

Here you have a picture of the Maple Scones I made not long ago, delicious! Plus, by going back in time and taking a pick at that post you can also find other shapes I made.

My special Valentines are my husband (Alex) and my daughters (Paloma & Kyra). So my girls and I decided to go ahead and make pretty some vanilla cupcakes I had made days before the 14th.

Here is one with Red Sanding Sugar from CK Products.

This pink cupcake is also Pink Sanding Sugar topped with hard candies in heart shapes. This product is from Wilton.

Having a very talented and creative daughter isn't a surprise to me that she brings lots of arts from school to share with the family. But this very special cookie was decorated by her for none other that me (mommy dearest). She is my For Ever Valentine!

You will never imagine what happened to me!... Ok, ...I'll give it up, no need on delaying the news anyways! I won a Cupcake Apron from Carolyns Kitchen a giveaway sponsored by Cake Journal. Thanks Louise for the great idea of giving away cupcake related things, I sure love it. When I found out I was sooooo happy, let's just say that it was a jumping around the house event! Promise to take a picture with it and post about it soon.

Last but not least, during this very special month of February (Feb. 28) is my dearest first daughter (Paloma's) 8th birthday. I did bake her some cupcakes. I'll post the pictures and details later on.

Mostly what we did for her day was after church (and giving God thanks for all our blessings) we went and had some breakfast, went to Toys R Us so she could choose a present (with a budget set up, to keep it real), then we went to a Mini Golf near our house (it was so much fun, we are so short of being golfers). After that we drove to the movies and saw Princess and the Frog and finally had some dinner at her favorite restaurant.

Wow! I am tired by even writing it, yes... by the end of the day I was exhausted... Ok! by the middle of the day I was tired already. But, it was all so worth it.

The night before her birthday I was a little emotional, because she is my first born and was only 2 years old when I was diagnosed with Cancer and now (today) she is 8 years old. God has given me the best gift ever... to get to meet my daughter and grow up with her. It feels like it's my birthday too!

Note: March 1st was my husbands birthday. Happy Birthday honey!