Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Get Well Soon Dear Doggy

This weekend my family and I went to a dear friends house, her dog was ill and they were very sad. You see this dog is very well part of the family, he has been with them for over 14 years or so. His name is Lucky and he sure is "lucky" to be a part of that great family.

I wanted to give them some comfort and what better way than with cake, right? I molded a round cake in form of a doggy plate, covered it in white fondant, then decorated with dog paws made out of blue fondant (because our doggy friend is a boy) and finally got a batch of shortbread cookie dough and made some doggy biscuit (in form of a bone).

I had no bone shape cookie cutter so I molded them by hand, they look great and taste delicious. We don't have pets neither so there where no doggy treats in the house at the time and since it was an emergency I had to improvise, hope you all like the final result. My friends loved it and that made me happy.

Here it is: Doggy Plate with Treats Cake

What did we do with the rest of the cookie dough?

Well, see for yourself....

Cookies with a big size chocolate chips, they are as delicious as they look.

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